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Danielle R Green

Position Title: Assistant Professor and Department Chair
Department: Business
Office Location: EJ Brown Hall
Office Phone: 607-587-3421

An Alfred State alum, Green fell in love with the legal field and never looked back. “I have a passion for upholding our traditional judicial system and preserving the rights of all defendants,” she says. “Court reporting is a well-respected career choice for students who are looking to enter the legal profession or aid the disabilities community. Possessing these degree credentials will allow those entering the field to help those less fortunate.”

Green earned her associate degree in court and realtime reporting and a bachelor’s degree in technology management from Alfred State and an MBA from SUNY Oswego. She worked for eight years as a judicial reporter, recording depositions, parole hearings, parole boards, worker’s compensation trials, and public hearings, as well as doing some CART work for the hearing impaired. She teaches both lower- and upper-level court reporting classes, including theory, speed building, and procedures for reporters and captioners.

“Students should be aware before taking my courses that they need to be fully engaged and ready to learn. They need to appreciate the learning curve and the dedication that this degree entails. I support and encourage my students as much as I can, but they need to think like Olympians and be their own driving force and motivation as well.”