Intermittent Phone Problem (Incoming Landline Calls)

Alfred State Alert: The phone company is experiencing intermittent problems on land lines into ASC. If you receive a fast busy signal please use 800-4-ALFRED (800-425-3733) to call Alfred State. Cell phone service in Alfred is not affected.

Post-Secondary Activity Form

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We were pleased to receive your application to Alfred State! Please utilize this form to assist us with reviewing your application. This form is not required to make a decision on your application unless specifically requested by the Admissions Office. Be sure to enter your name, student ID number, date, then hit the submit button.

Place an “X” in the boxes in front of the area(s) that represent what you were doing during the time period.

Be sure to account for this entire time-frame. If the entire time-frame is not accounted for, it will delay a decision on your application. Provide detailed explanations where indicated and fill in the appropriate dates.

Please indicate where you attended, gives dates of attendance, and make arrangements for official transcript(s) to be sent to the Alfred State Admissions Office.

All applicants must answer the following question:

I understand that this form cannot be processed if it has not been completed according to the instructions and that any deliberate falsification or omission of data may result in denial of admission, revocation of acceptance decision, or administrative dismissal from the college. All information submitted is true to the best of my knowledge.