600 Withdrawal, Leave and Readmission

Updated April 26, 2021


601 Withdrawal or Leave of Absence from College

601.1a A formal withdrawal or leave of absence from the college is not official until the registrar signs the required form.

601.1b A student who receives a leave of absence, withdraws or is academically dismissed shall receive a grade of G or H at the point at which they are 100% liable for that course as per the SUNY liability schedule.  The grade of G or H will be determined by the instructor based on the student's academic standing in a course on the last day of attendance in that course.  An NG grade will be automatically assigned before the liability date. 

601.1c Continuing students who have officially withdrawn from the college are eligible to apply for readmission. The "application for readmission" form is available by contacting Admissions.

601.2 Students leaving the college during a semester that a) have not formally withdrawn or b) have not received a leave of absence, or c) have not been academically dismissed will receive a letter grade as determined by the instructor.

601.3 Part-of-term courses that are completed prior to the date of withdrawal, leave of absence, or academic dismissal will be assigned a grade (A-F) at the discretion of the faculty member instructing the course, with notification to be given to the student's department chair.

601.4 Any student suspended/expelled from the college will be issued a grade of NG for each course he/she was enrolled in during the semester when he/she was suspended/expelled.

601.5 A student who is currently suspended/expelled from the college for disciplinary reasons is not eligible to apply to graduate nor can his/her name be added to any final graduation list.

602 Readmission

602.1 A student who has discontinued his/her academic program prior to meeting graduation requirements and wishes to apply for readmission must complete the Alfred State Application for Readmission through the Admissions Office.

602.2 A student who is or will be a graduate of the college and wishes to apply for readmission must complete a SUNY Application and process it through the Application Services Center for a new program. The new program must be significantly different than the program from which the student graduated (See Section 205 for Earning Two Degrees). The Admissions Office in conjunction with the Academic Affairs Leadership Team will create acceptable readmission application procedures to implement the two parts of this regulation.

603 Dismissed Students Taking Classes Through CCET

603.1 An ASC student that is academically dismissed (AD) can take a maximum of two classes, or 8 credits, in the (fall, winter, spring, summer) term following the dismissal through CCET as a non-matriculated student. If successful (at least 2.00 term GPA inclusive of remedial courses) the student may continue to take classes part-time or the student may apply for readmission at ASC through the Admissions Office [see 402.2e and 402.7]. If the student is not successful, (less than 2.00 term GPA inclusive of remedial courses) the student cannot take Alfred State courses for one semester, and must show success in at least two classes elsewhere, or meet expectations set by the department, before taking classes part-time again through CCET.

603.2 Academically dismissed students that have not yet been acted upon by the appeals committees will be able to take at most two CCET classes or 8 credit hours during the intersession immediately following the dismissal.