Explanation of Tuition & Fees

Note - All tuition and fees are subject to change without prior notice.
School Fee Cost Per Semester Explanation
Tuition $3,535.00 Cost of instruction per semester for residential students. (Established by the State of New York)
Orientation $150.00 A $150 mandatory one-time orientation fee is billed to all full and part-time new and transfer students (online students are excluded) to cover the cost of programs, food, registration requirements, welcome activities, and new student programming.
Room Variable The room charge will appear on your bill unless you have an approved housing waiver for the current semester on file with the Residential Life Office, phone: 607-587-4371. The amount charged coincides with the type of room you are assigned. For residency, you must select a meal plan.
Meal Plan Variable Students living on campus MUST have a meal plan. Meal plans are also available for commuters. Carefully review your plan choice and change the amount if necessary. If you have specific meal plan questions, you may call the ACES Office at (607) 587-4064.
Clinical Liability Insurance Variable Provides malpractice insurance coverage for students participating in specific clinical programs.

Student Comprehensive Fees

The cost covers services for the student.

Summer Session, Winter Session, and Online students are only responsible for the College Fee, Transcript Fee and Technology Fee each semester based on number of credits taken.
School Fee Cost Per Semester Explanation
Activities $125.00 Established by students through their incorporated Student Government Association (Student Senate). This fee supports club and organization programming, the student newspaper, peer tutoring, Homecoming/Family Weekend, cultural life, intramurals, civic engagement, and much more.
Athletic $262.00 Supports the college's intercollegiate sports teams and entitles students to free admission to all campus sporting events.
College $25.00 Established by SUNY Board of Trustees.
Educational Technology $213.50 Supports computer technology, operations, upgrades, and improvements in laboratories and classrooms.
Student Health $130.50 Allows student to receive physician consultations, medication, and all available health services free of charge.
Transportation Fee $92.50 Provides transportation services to students including academic trips and shuttle services.
Transcript $10.00 Guarantees students unlimited copies of their transcripts.
Fitness Center $37.50 For use of the Fitness Center (located on the ground floor of Orvis and the second floor of Pioneer). It offers top-of-the-line selectorized weight machines, computerized fitness and aerobic equipment, and an expanded free-weight area.

The above fees are mandatory, charged to all students in order to provide quality services to everyone. The services are accessible to all students whether or not the student chooses to take advantage of them.

Optional Fees

These fees may be adjusted/removed from the student's account upon the processing of his/her bill. To accept a fee, enter the desired dollar amount.

No optional fees can be removed from the bill after final registration day.

Selected courses have fees associated with them. If you have questions about these additional fees, please contact the department chair.
School Fee Cost Explanation
Campus Spending Account
Variable Covers spending at our campus bookstores for textbooks and supplies, food at all on-campus dining units, vending machines, and purchases at Campus Partner locations. The maximum amount you are allowed to put on the CSA is $1,995 per semester. If you have a specific CSA question, please call the ACES Office at 607-587-4064. Adjustments are considered final once your bill has been processed. (Available beginning the Monday prior to start of classes.)
Billable Curriculum Cost account
Variable This account allows students to purchase tools, computers, and additional required supplies using their financial aid.
Graduation $60.00/degree Commencement Policy - All students must pay the Graduation fee in order to participate in the Commencement Ceremony. This charge is removed only if the student withdraws during first four weeks of classes. No charges will be removed after the fourth week. This fee will be imposed per ceremony attended. Students receiving more than one degree may also be charged for additional accoutrements at the Campus Store. All students graduating from a bachelor program must pay an additional cost for the bachelor hoods. Students must attend the ceremony to receive diploma cover and/or honor cord. Please note: bachelor graduates will be required to pay $30 at the Campus Store for their bachelor hoods when they pick up their regalia.
Vehicle Registration $95.00/year Students may register only one vehicle at a time. See parking regulations for further details.
Medical Insurance Variable It is mandatory that international students enroll in the Foreign Insurance Program (PDF). See the SUNY International Provider website.


The college is required to furnish the 1098-T form, to qualifying students, for the purpose of determining a tax payer’s eligibility for various educational tax credits and/or deductions. 1098-T forms are mailed by January 31st and are available on the student’s BannerWeb account for viewing. The 1098-T form is for informational use only. The Student Records and Financial Services office will be unable to provide tax advice or assistance. Information regarding the 1098-T form may be found on the IRS Website.

Unpaid Balance / Late Fees

Fees may be assessed for debts where the payment due date was the start of the semester or after and the payment was not received by that date. In the case of an item billed after the first day of the semester, late payment fees may be assessed for outstanding balances not paid in full on or before the first of the month after the presumed receipt of the billing notice (5 days after mailing.) In the case of a monthly payment plan, a late payment fee may be assessed for outstanding balances not paid in full on the monthly payment plan due date. Students are notified of any unpaid balance with a letter sent to their mailing address and an email to their Alfred State issued email on the first of the month. Any unpaid balance that has not been resolved within 90 days will be turned over to a collection agency or the Attorney General.

Debt Administrative or Late Payment
Less than $1,000 Up to $30
$1000 - $1,999 Up to $40
$2,000 and above Up to $50

Important Provisions

Referral of the Debt to the Tax Department - State Tax Law § 171-f

State agencies are authorized to certify to the Department of Taxation and Finance that past-due legally enforceable debts should be offset against any tax refunds, contracts or other State payments.

Authority Not to Renew - State Executive Law §32

State agencies are authorized not to renew licenses, permits, etc., if an individual or business owes an overdue debt to those agencies.