Alfred State Opportunity Program (ASOP)

The Alfred State Opportunity Program (ASOP) offers higher education opportunities to applicants with a recognized high school diploma or its equivalent who do not meet specified program requirements but who show potential for college success.

ASOP is an extended program which may take students an additional year to complete degree requirements. Associate-degree graduates may then enter directly into the corresponding baccalaureate degree program or the technology management BBA degree program, if desired. Coursework is paced to offer students an enhanced chance for success. The ASOP program allows for lighter course loads, college preparatory and development courses (as needed), and other support services. Please note that ASOP is not available for students studying online, for those programs which are part of the School of Applied Technology, or for computer science, diagnostic medical sonography, engineering science, nursing, and radiologic technology programs.

About the Program

ASOP was created with academic success and personal pride in educational achievements as its primary goals. Individual pacing of course work plus personal assistance are just two of the ways to achieve these goals.

Typical First-Semester Schedule

Full-time students will be scheduled for at least 12 credit hours per semester. A first semester schedule might include:

Course Hours Per Week in Class and/or Lab
English 3
Math 3
Methods of Inquiry and/or
Academic Literacy*
Social, Physical, and/or
Life Science
And/or major specific course(s) 2-6
Total Hours** 12-17

*Academic literacy is dependent on placement results.

**Students pursuing an engineering technology degree can expect to be in class/lab for 16-24 hours a week.

Student Life

You will be offered a variety of extracurricular choices to broaden your educational experiences and to make your college years memorable ones.

Personal Assistance

Personal assistance is available and may include:

  • Counseling for any concern.
  • Ongoing academic advising for scheduling, goal setting, and program information.
  • Orientation to acquaint students with services and activities available at the college.
  • Tutoring in most courses.

In addition to the Alfred State Opportunity Program (ASOP), Alfred State has a similar program which offers not only academic assistance but may also grant additional financial aid.