Cost of Attendance

The annual student budget, or cost of attendance (COA), is the total amount we estimate it will cost a student to attend Alfred State for one year. It includes costs that are billed by Alfred State, such as tuition, fees, and housing and meals (if living on-campus), and estimates for other expenses, such as books, supplies, and personal expenses. We use this budget to determine financial aid eligibility for every student. However, most students pay less because of financial aid. Ninety-one percent of our students share in $35.5 million in financial aid annually.

Estimated Cost of Attendance for the 2023-2024 academic year for a full-time student living on-campus

Tuition $7,070 $11,320 $16,980 Cost of instruction per year for the fall and spring semesters. (Established by the State of New York).
Student Comprehensive Fee $1,839 $1,839 $1,839 This fee helps fund student clubs and organizations, intercollegiate sports, technology, health services, transportation, transcript services, access to the fitness center, and support for campus operations.
On‑Campus Housing $8,796 $8,796 $8,796 We use the median room rate in the student budget. The most common selection is the Standard Double, but other room options are available. Learn more at Alfred State Housing.
On‑Campus Meals $5,810 $5,810 $5,810 There are multiple dining plan options. We use the 14-Meal Plan because it's the most common selection with a consideration for meals on your own. Learn more at ACES Alfred.
Books & Supplies $1,200 $1,200 $1,200 This expense varies depending on the student, but we use this number as the standard to calculate financial aid eligibility.
Additional Curriculum Costs $2,218 $2,218 $2,218 This fee varies by major and includes the cost of a laptop if required by the program. For this example, we're using the average cost across all programs.
Personal Expenses $1,500 $1,500 $1,500 This expense varies depending on the student. This accounts for spending on things like clothing, cell phone service, entertainment, and personal care.$975
Transportation $975 $975 $975 The transportation allowance refers to the cost of traveling to and from campus over the course of the year.
Total $29,408 $33,658 $39,318 Remember, 91% of students receive some type of financial aid to help with these costs.

Cost of attendance models for commuter and online students are also available.