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Students registering for online course(s) must successfully complete the Online Student Readiness course before gaining access to their registered course(s). This course contains valuable information that online students will need. Topics include: using Blackboard, technology services, academic regulations pertinent to online students, online student services, and much more. Students will log into Blackboard, review material, and pass a short quiz on each area to gain access to the online course(s) that they have registered for. Questions about the Online Student Success course may be directed to Tammy Woods Edwards at 607-587-4017 or woodsTL@alfredstate.edu.

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Part of Term 1, 10 weeks, May 26 - Aug. 3

CRNCategoryCourse #NameFaculty
752EngineeringBSET 8006Senior InternshipCochran
184BusinessBUAD 1043Occupational ExperienceStaba
702BusinessBUAD 1103KeyboardingGerling-Yelle
699Court ReportingCTRP 1174Realtime Writing Theory IBlake
43Court ReportingCTRP 3163Speed Bldg I for Reporters & CaptionersBlake
198Court ReportingCTRP 3363Technology for Reporters & CaptionersBlake
267Court ReportingCTRP 4602Internship & Practice for Rep. & Cap.Gerling-Yelle
824Digital MediaDGMA 7503Digital Media and Animation InternshipNeuberger
296ForensicsFRSC 8813Forensics Science Technology InternshipBensley
21HistoryHIST 1113Western Civilization IKrezenski
90Health Info TechnologyMEDR 1132Essentials of PharmacologyFischer
710Health Info TechnologyMEDR 4111Health Information SeminarMatteson
700Health Info TechnologyMEDR 4312Intro to HIM PPEBoyle
701Health Info TechnologyMEDR 4322Coding PPEMatteson
825 & 826NursingNURS 6413Nursing Assessment/Promotions AcrossShepard
827NursingNURS 7003Nursing ResearchSager
828NursingNURS 8043Politics and Economics in NursingGonska
164Foreign LanguageSPAN 1203Spanish ILasnick

Part of Term 3, 12 weeks, May 26 - Aug. 17

CRNCategoryCourse #NameFaculty
814Financial ServicesFSMA 8112Financial Planning InternshipStaba
299Sport ManagementSPMG 8112InternshipFuller
813Tech ManagementTMGT 8006Tech Management Internship (6 credits)Staba
246Tech ManagementTMGT 8112Tech Management Internship (12 credits)Staba

Part of Term 2, 3 weeks, July 28 - Aug. 17

CRNCategoryCourse #NameFaculty
271BusinessBUAD 3153Fundamentals of ManagementBack
704BusinessBUAD 5053Software Applications in BusinessVonStackelberg
829HealthHPED 1111Health and WellnessBoyd
202MathMATH 1014Algebra ConceptsWhitehouse

Session A, 3 weeks, May 26 - June 15

CRNCategoryCourse #NameFaculty
16AccountingACCT 2224Managerial AccountingRobinson
205BusinessBUAD 3043Business Law IDamrath
203BusinessBUAD 3153Fundamentals of ManagementBack
703BusinessBUAD 5013Principles of LeadershipBack
249BusinessBUAD 7004Small Business Planning & ManagementGrillo
705BusinessBUAD 7023Legal Environment of BusinessDamrath
226EconomicsECON 1013MacroeconomicsRobinson
284HealthHPED 1111Health & WellnessBoyd
228HealthHPED 4103Personal HealthBoyd
39Alcohol/Substance AbuseHUSR 1303Intro to Alcohol/Sub. AbuseD-Recktenwald
20English/LiteratureLITR 2603Intro to LiteratureQuinn
27MathematicsMATH 1033College AlgebraBocchi
245MathematicsMATH 1123Statistics IEbert
174Physical ScienceNASC 1043Physical Science SurveyBuell
8PsychologyPSYC 1013General PsychologyForeman
182PsychologyPSYC 1023Human DevelopmentDouglass
830PsychologyPSYC 1033Human RelationsDouglass
15SociologySOCI 1163General SociologyPollard
88SociologySOCI 1193Marriage and FamilyAmati
9SpeechSPCH 1083Effective SpeakingMitchell
276SpeechSPCH 1083Effective SpeakingJohnston

Session B, 3 weeks, July 7 - July 27

CRNCategoryCourse #NameFaculty
233BusinessBUAD 4053Business Law IIDamrath
291BusinessBUAD 5043Business EthicsDamrath
706BusinessBUAD 7033Operations ManagementTBA
181Computer Info SystemsCISY 1003Intro to Microcomputer AppsBaldwin
209Computer Info SystemsCISY 3023Adv. Microcomputer SpreadsheetsEnke
32EnglishCOMP 1503Freshman CompositionIanovici
268EconomicsECON 2023MicroeconomicsRobinson
118Alcohol/Substance AbuseHUSR 1323Spec Prob. Alcohol/Sub. Ab. Treat.D-Recktenwald
314MathematicsMATH 1033College AlgebraD'Arcy
173MathematicsMATH 1113Statistical ConceptsEbert
265MathematicsMATH 1123Statistics IBocchi
106MathematicsMATH 2043College TrigonometryD'Arcy
190MarketingMKTG 2073Principles of MarketingTuzzolino
25SpeechSPCH 1083Effective SpeakingJohnston
298SpeechSPCH 1083Effective SpeakingJohnston

Session C, 5 weeks, May 26 - June 29

CRNCategoryCourse #NameFaculty
289 & 290BiologyBIOL 1114Human Anatomy and Physiology IWaldeis
4BiologyBIOL 2303Human BiologyLink
89BiologyBIOL 4403PathophysiologyPutnam
707BusinessBUAD 5003Management CommunicationsBack
709BusinessBUAD 6403Project Management for Business ProfessionalsVonStackelberg
744BusinessBUAD 8003Management Information SystemsVonStackelberg
262ChemistryCHEM 1013Introductory ChemistryFlint
711WritingCOMP 5703Technical Writing IIQuinn
83Health TechnologyHLTH 1313NutritionWaldeis
22HistoryHIST 1143Survey American History IKrezenski
745MathematicsMATH 1004Mathematical ConceptsWhitehouse
746MathematicsMATH 1063Technical Calculus IPackard
186MathematicsMATH 1143Liberal Arts Math IKelly

Session E, 5 weeks, July 7 - Aug. 10

CRNCategoryCourse #NameFaculty
301 & 302BiologyBIOL 2214Human Anatomy and Physiology IIWaldeis
251ChemistryCHEM 1013Introductory ChemistryFlint
842EnglishCOMP 5703Technical Writing IIQuinn
208HistoryHIST 2153Survey American History IIKrezenski
285HealthHLTH 1013Essentials of Exercise PhysiologyWaldeis
841HealthHLTH 1313NutritionLink
201MathematicsMATH 1014Algebra ConceptsWhitehouse
3942 & 3943Mechanical EngineeringMECH 4003Solid ModelingTomasi

Summer Session Tuition and Fees

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Housing Rates:

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