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Police Academy

Officer on bike at Alfred State CollegePending final state approval, the inaugural Alfred State Police Academy (ASPA) is planned for the summer of 2018 beginning in May. Add your name to our list if you are interested in receiving more information about joining the very first class.

The Alfred State Police Academy is designed to serve recruits both pre-employment (Phase I) and employed (Phase II) while earning the Basic Course for Police Officers Certificate. The Academy directly benefits the entire Western New York region and provides police departments in Allegany and neighboring counties with high-quality law enforcement training opportunities and access to the corresponding certifications.

Who Should Join the Academy?

Entry into the program requires approval from the program/session director after successfully completing all entry criteria including physical fitness testing and medical requirements. Phase I pre-employment recruits will also require a criminal history check (a felony conviction in any state disallows participation) and an oral interview. Completion of the program and obtaining the certificate is not a guarantee of employment with any agency.

Academy participants will gain knowledge and expertise in New York State laws, investigations, defensive tactics, emergency services and management, emergency vehicle operations, and many more topics as outlined by the New York State curriculum.

Authorization for the Alfred State Police Academy

Alfred State has submitted and received notification of curricular approval by the New York State Division of Criminal Justice Services to offer the Basic Course for Police Officers. Alfred State plans to host the first academy class in May 2018.

Criminal Justice Programs at Alfred State College

Alfred State offers both Associate in Science (AS) and Bachelor of Science (BS) degrees in criminal justice. The Alfred State Police Academy will complement these degree programs by providing students wanting to work in policing the opportunity to complete their degree in the same location where they complete their police training curriculum. The academy will offer recruits enrolled in our criminal justice degree programs the opportunity to apply up to 12 college credits toward elective requirements in the Bachelor of Science degree program. Being able to take advantage of the credits requires early and careful planning by the student in consultation with their faculty adviser.

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