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ASOP and EOP Programs

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Alfred State Opportunity Program (ASOP) and Educational Opportunity Program (EOP)

Alfred State is pleased to offer the ASOP and EOP programs to qualified students.

Both programs offer an opportunity for higher education to high school graduates or to holders of high school equivalency diplomas who do not meet specified program requirements but who show the potential for college success.

Each program has been designed with academic success and educational achievement as primary goals.

All students who apply for the EOP program and meet the academic guidelines are initially accepted into the ASOP program until a determination can be made regarding financial eligibility for EOP. Students accepted through ASOP who also meet the financial guidelines for EOP will be accepted into the EOP program on a space available basis.

Students who did not apply for EOP and are accepted through ASOP may ask to be considered for EOP if they feel they meet the following financial criteria:

Income Guidelines

The table below lists financial eligibility requirements for EOP admission for students entering the 2015-16 academic year.

Household Size
(including head of household)
Total Annual Income in
Previous Calendar Year
*Plus $7,696 for each additional household/family member in excess of eight.

Exceptions to Income Guidelines:

To see more SUNY regulations for EOP please visit http://www.suny.edu/attend/academics/eop/.

Learn More About ASOP and EOP

Click on the links below for additional information regarding the Alfred State Opportunity Program (ASOP) and the Educational Opportunity Program (EOP).