Open Studies in Italy

view from a Sant'Anna classroom
View of Sorrento from Sant'Anna classroom.
photo credit: Dominic Arresta, Alfred State architecture student

Study abroad options are available for many programs.

There are many options for general studies in Sorrento and courses can also be paired with either a 3- or 6-credit internship. Consider how your own degree goals might align with a semester or summer session in this beautiful location.

Open Studies can take place:

  • Fall Semester*
  • Spring Semester*
  • Summer Session(s) I, II, or both (5-10 weeks)

*Italian Study Visa required for semester long studies

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Select From:

Number Course Name Credits
ITAL 1303 - ITAL 6303 Elementary Italian through Post-Advanced Italian 3
ECON 5133 Territory and Entrepreneurship; Tradition Sustainability and Competition 3
BUAD 3114 International Tourism; Italian Food and Geography 3
FILM 3113 History of Italian Cinema 3
FNAT 1133 Survey of Art History: Ancient Greek Art 3
FNAT 2453 Drawing on Location, the Art of the Traveling Sketchbook 3
FNAT 2553 Introduction to digital photography 3
ANTH 1113 Anthropology of Europe 3
ANTH 5223 Archeology: Cities of Fire 3
HUMN 2114 Culture of Italy in Context 3
ENVR 4413 Environmental Law 3
LITR 3113 Creative Writing: Travel & Expr 3
HIST 1113 History of West Civil Since 1648 3
HIST 1123 History of the Mafia: Origins and International Scope 3
HIST 1333 Mediterranean Culture and History 3
BIOL 1133 Marine Biology 3
GEOL 1133 Intro to Geology 3
GEOL 1233 Volcanology 3
ITAL 5113 Contemporary Italian Literature 3
ITAL 5223 Modern Italian Literature 3
ITAL 5333 Medieval Italian Literature I 3
ITAL 5443 Medieval Italian Literature II 3

Review more detailed information on the above offering by visiting Sant'Anna course syllabi web page