Electrical Construction and Maintenance Electrician Student Required Equipment and Supplies

It is required that you have the necessary tools upon arrival to class, as you will be starting lab project work on the first day of class. Lack of proper tools could mean suspension from all lab activity until items are available. All tools and equipment should be marked with your name.

The classroom supplies listed below are available at the Wellsville Campus Store:

  • Scientific calculator (TI-30Xa REQUIRED)
  • Miscellaneous mechanical pencils, pens, and erasers
  • Electrical template TD-1515
  • Letter template TD260v
  • Architectural scale ruler
  • 2 ea. Three-ring 2” notebooks (no spiral notebooks or rip out sheets)
  • 2 ea. 5 section 3 ring notebook dividers
  • 1 ream of 8.5” x 11” blank white copier paper

Required Textbooks: Textbooks can be purchased at the Wellsville Campus Store. You can also order, find ISBN numbers, and prices by going to the Campus bookstore website, and click on the Purchasing Books tab.

Optional: National Electrical Code 2017 Index Tabs. Author: National Fire Protection Association. Publisher: Delmar Cengage Learning (latest edition).

A laptop or tablet computer capable of wireless connection to the Internet is required - must be Windows compatible - no MACs. Shop online.

Tool List

Required tools listed below are not available on campus. The following items can be purchased on your own, or for your convenience, we offer contact with local distribution warehouses who will deliver the tools and supplies directly to campus.

Tinkertown Supply, phone: 607-587-8500, www.tinkinc.net, or Denney Electric Supply, phone: 570-724-2333

Klein Tools MM700 digital multi-meter AC/DC TRMS meter (this will be the only brand and model allowed; available locally)

Buchanan crimping tool (#C-24)

3/16” x 4” slotted screwdriver

1/4" x 6” slotted screwdriver

1/2" EMT bender with handle (Greenlee cat.# 840AH)

#1 x 4” Phillips screwdriver

#2 x 4” Phillips screwdriver

8” adjustable wrench

Wire stripper Klein 11055

Crimping tool Klein 1005

Claw hammer Estwing E3-165

9 ½” linemen’s pliers (recommend Klein D213-9NE)

8” needle-nose pliers (recommend Klein D203-8N)

10 ea. 12” alligator clip/test leads (Digi-key Part no. 461-1169-ND)

8” diagonal cutting pliers angled (recommend Klein D2000-48)

Electrician’s tool pouch and work belt

Nail pouch for use with tool pouch

7 piece nut driver set (recommended Klein cat. # 631)

6” magnetic level (torpedo)

2’ level

Hacksaw and blades (32 teeth per inch)

1/16” x 1/4" twist drill bit set

10” channel-lock adjustable pliers (water pump)

Vinyl electrical tape


Speed bore drill set – (3/8, 1/2, 5/8, 3/4, 7/8, 1, 1 ¼)

7/8” Auger bit –x 6” (round shaft)

Folding utility knife (Sheffield 12119) or equivalent

1/2” x 16’ steel tape measure (minimum)

Scratch Awl

6 in 1 tapping tool (6-32, 8-32, 10-32, 1/4-20, 12-24, 10-24)

GFCI Outlet Tester (recommend Sperry Instruments GF16302)

Cordless drill/screw gun with screwdriver tips (14V minimum)

9 key SAE folding hex key set (Klein cat. # 70591, or equivalent)

Volt tick tracer (audible with LED indicator)

Torque Screwdriver (Huskey model H4DTRQ)

Required Personal Protection Equipment:

New, white hard hat (no bump caps, no stickers or markings)

Heavy soled work boots – sneakers and sneaker type shoes are not allowed at the construction site or lab, because of greater danger of foot injury.

Safety glasses with Z87 approved side shields (prescription glasses must be Z87 with approved side shields)

Uniform: Our department does not require uniforms, however long pants and shirts with sleeves are required (no tank tops).

Supplies Required for Fall Semester

100 ea. #71B wire nuts, gray, ideal

200 ft. 18/3 cable, doorbell, with outer sheath (solid)

200 ea. staples, low-voltage cable 1/4" x 5/8” insulated

1 box #2006 Buchanan crimp terminals

1 box #2011 Buchanan crimp sleeve

100 ea. #74B wire nuts, yellow, ideal

50 ea. #92 wire nuts, green, ideal

100 ea. combo drive 1” pan-head sheet metal screws

100 ea. #76B wire nuts, red, ideal

200 ea. staples rated for 14/3 NM-B cable

250 ft. 14/2 WG-NM-B non-metallic cable

250 ft. 14/3 WG-NM-B non-metallic cable

100 ea. Phillips 1 ¼” drywall screws

2 ea. doorbell, signal, 10V, 2.5” Silver Bell, Edwards, NuBell #740

1 ea. non-lighted switch doorbell surface mount, Edwards

1 ea. lighted switch doorbell, surface mount, Edwards

1 ea. low-voltage multi-tap transformer with 3 voltage outputs

1 ea. two-tone doorbell chime (front/back) (Heath Zenith 95B-B)

100 ea. 6/32 x ¾ combo head machine screws

100 ea. 8/32 x ¾ combo head machine screws

50 ea. green grounding screw (5/16” combo head)

50 ea. green grounding clip

Supplies Required for Spring Semester

100 ft. 1/2” trade size EMT (conduit)

500 ft. #14 A.W.G. solid copper, THHN/THWN, white insulation

500 ft. #14 A.W.G. solid copper, THHN/THWN, black insulation

20 ft. ½” schedule 40 PVC conduit

1 ea. 15amp 120V GFCI (any color)

10 ea. Type F compression connectors, Ideal cat. # 92-651

1 ea. Cutler hammer single pole 15 amp breaker cat. # CH115

2 ea. Keyless plastic lamp holders

500 ft. #14 A.W.G. solid copper THHN /THWN red insulation

4 ea. ½” male adapters PVC

25 ea. RJ45 modular plugs, Ideal cat. # 85-344

10 ea. Cat 5 modular plugs, Ideal cat. # 85-346